Super Critical Mass

That Thing Between Us
Delegated performance

That Thing Between Us is a spatialised work for community voices, featuring a body of regional participants that has accumulated since 2015. Super Critical Mass (SCM) brings together temporary communities to create ambient sound states in publicly accessible places. Each ‘orchestra’ is made up of one type of sound source, whether musical or everyday: 30 ceramic bowls, 50 voices, 100 brass instruments. That Thing Between Us is a study into interdependence. As is typical for SCM the work is planned but unscored and emerges from internalised instructions. As the human voice is organic, each singer must rely on one other to establish and maintain pitch. This creates a dynamic feedback situation reminiscent of early social works by Pauline Oliveros or Cornelius Cardew, a rich and ever-changing sound portrait of a society in action. 12–12.40pm Saturday 8 April

See works at venue Kandos Community Centre Hall
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