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  • Tom Buckland Artist Report

    15 September 2018

    ..with a carload of cardboard and masking tape we hit the road towards Manildra public school.

  • Cementa’s Workshop Roadshow has hit the road!

    07 July 2018

    Artist Michael Petchkovsky and Cementa creative director Alex Wisser climbed into a ute on a freezing June morning to drive from Kandos to Wellington and Dubbo. Michael is an electronic artist who scavenges tips, op shops and garage sales for disused or obsolete technology which he then adapts to make audio/visual artworks.

  • Skye & Thom's Big Kandos Adventure

    21 January 2017

    In the relentless rain Studio A artists Thom Roberts and Skye Saxon bravely traversed Kandos leaving no stone unturned as they sort out sites to spark their imaginations.