• "Emma Goldman Action" Artist: Zanny Begg Perfor- mance: Anya Rosen

    06 March 2017

    As I began research on this project I chanced upon a collection of speeches by Emma Goldman. As I re-read one of her speeches from New York I was struck by a collapsing sense of time. One hundred years ago Emma Goldman was arrested for distributing information on birth control for women.

  • 10 Steps to Moma - Sarah Breen Lovett

    10 Steps to Moma - Sarah Breen Lovett
    28 February 2017

    10 STEPS TO MOMA is an instructional work resulting in a moving image work that aims to test the notion of ‘publicness’ of a public places and our engagement with the architecture of institutions.

  • Data Centre Seance by Jacquelene Drinkall, facilitated by Art Codex

    Data Centre Seance by Jacquelene Drinkall, facilitated by Art Codex
    26 February 2017

    Correspondence of Imaginary Places presents ‘Data Centre Séance’, a collaborative psychogeographic focus on an austere data centre in Manhattan known as ‘33 Thomas Street’ and the ‘Long Lines Building’.

  • Correspondence of Imaginary Places

    Correspondence of Imaginary Places
    23 February 2017

    This year, Cementa is going international! We thought about cherry picking all the hot artists from across the international art circuit and parachuting them in to Kandos as an exercise in conspicuous consumption and arbitrary art world pandering, but decided instead that we would prefer to quietly engage with a grass roots arts community, not unlike our own that exists somewhere else in the world.

  • Cementa17 cometh!

    Cementa17 cometh!
    06 February 2017

    After 2 years of preparation, with over 40 artist residencies under our belt and a number of initiatives in full development, we once again return to activate our beautiful little town with 4 days and nights of performance, sound, cabaret, interactive and electronic arts, video, installation and ceramics presented in more than 20 venues across Kandos and its surrounds.


    30 January 2017

    I stayed at Ann Finegans’ Kandos Projects, a converted general store in the main street of Kandos a small town with an uncertain future that has become something of a artists haven with cheap unoccupied buildings available in a state where housing has become unaffordable particularly for low income artists.

  • Skye & Thom's Big Kandos Adventure

    Skye & Thom's Big Kandos Adventure
    21 January 2017

    In the relentless rain Studio A artists Thom Roberts and Skye Saxon bravely traversed Kandos leaving no stone unturned as they sort out sites to spark their imaginations.

  • Artist Report: Claire Conroy

    01 August 2016

    Anne and I arrived at McMaster’s shop around midday and meandered around the hundreds of pot plants in search of Bruce and the miniature horses which I couldn’t resist calling ponies. To my delight we found them as they were huddling around in the shed all slopped with mud post rain, their little hooves all muddy and their manes drooping over their eyes. Bruce appeared from the doorway of the colossal industrial shed, backlit by green corrugated plastic, ‘industrial stained glass’ as Ann pointed out…

  • E Change for Kandos and Rylstone

    E Change for Kandos and Rylstone
    05 June 2016

    Check out the awesome two page spread we got in last week’s Mudgee Guardian featuring the plague of new arrivals in Kandos and Rylstone.  All these people who work on the web and are relocating to the area because we have cheap real estate

  • Not a residency report as such but a report of thinking whilst driving on the way to Kandos. November 2014.

    10 March 2016

    I sit in my car eating a white bread sandwich from a local bakery and observe a puffy teenager holding a one hundred dollar bill with outstretched arms…

  • CEMENTA15 APPROACHES 9 -12 April Kandos NSW

    13 February 2015

    It is with great big feelings mixed in a mixed metaphor cocktail masking an undercurrent of anxious anticipation (and slight dread) that we launch our little festival onto the oceans of the interweb. Our hope is that it sails proudly toward its sunset, throwing art waves onto the information waves and bringing the many curious and fascinating creatures that dwell there to the surface. Perhaps we shall seduce a few unsuspecting travelers into our nets and maybe we will also confuse some people too. We hope this will include you.

  • Cementa15 Residency - Kandos - Robyn Backen

    Cementa15 Residency - Kandos - Robyn Backen
    09 February 2014

    I was in partial lockdown for a week in Kandos at the shop-residency. I spent my time reading writing, drawing thinking, overheating, swimming, walking, a couple of incidental as well as organised meetings with towns people and generally just being in Kandos as an disconnected outsider. As an outsider one is given the opportunity to observe and see the town from a distance. The anonymity affords one the privilege of isolation to contemplate and become absorbed in the landscape of internal thoughts.

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