Bruce’s Nursery

54-56 Dabee Rd (corner Angus Ave)
  • Justin Balmain

    Showing: Untitled
    Material: Digital video with audio

    Weaving together scripted narrative and observational sequences, Justin Balmain’s Cementa17 project draws upon the local landscape to address dislocation with the natural world. Working from a script that was developed prior to and during filming in Kandos, artist Annabelle Wass performs a character with an unspecified past, at odds with her environment. Her meaningful relationships to the ‘world’ are mediated. She exists in limbo. Connectivity is achieved via devices, rather than through real experiences.

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  • Tim Burns

    Showing: Kandos Carapace
    Material: Digitised film

    An escape journey from Australia to New York for a bike messenger delivery between the World Trade Centre and Empire State Building.

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  • Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro

    Showing: The Drag
    Material: Two-channel video installation, 2015

    There will definitely come a day when all our fossil fuel reserves run out: how far away is that event, is a point of discussion. But the premise behind this artwork is a drag race without gasoline. Through the absence of gasoline to propel a car forward we hope to envision a life without fossil fuel and question what measures we are taking to cope with that eventuality. The Drag is a two-screen projection depicting a lone competitor in an imagined post-fossil fuel drag race. Rather than the car moving from the start to the finish line propelled by gasoline, the lone competitor will need to deconstruct the car down to units that are possible to manually carry to the finish line.

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  • John A Douglas

    Showing: Screen Test (revived) – The Devils Tower
    Material: Mixed media durational performance installation with single channel 4K to HD video

    The Bylong Valley has many sedimentary sandstone landforms. One in particular evokes a popular sci-fi Hollywood location: The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. In the midst of a giant shed of old furniture there lies a recreation of a scene from that film. This durational performance installation is a re-enactment of the character and a scene from the film (played by Richard Dreyfuss) where he obsessively attempts to build a model of the imaginary mountain in his living room. You are invited to join in and participate in his obsession if you dare. _This work is supported by the Australian Artists’ Grant. The Australian Artists’ Grant is a NAVA initiative, made possible through the generous sponsorship of Mrs Janet Holmes a Court and the support of the Visual Arts Board, Australia Council for the Arts.

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  • The Twilight Girls

    Showing: Welcome to Cementa … just don’t think of leaving
    Material: Vinyl billboard

    They may have closed the factory down but it’s still producing … The Twilight Girls as Der Grrlems do their take on a ‘Welcome to … ’ billboard in a homage to movies The Cars That Ate Paris, Der Golem and cement factories everywhere.

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  • Tours

    Cementa’s artist-led walking tours will be running each day of the festival, morning and afternoon. They cover the artworks in Kandos precincts 2 and 3 and include performances along the way. The tours take approximately 90 minutes and the walking pace is gentle. There are no formal tours of Kandos precinct 1 or of the other Cementa venues. All Cementa venues are open for self-guided exploration 10am to 4pm for all four days of the festival.

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