Convent Garden

76 Fleming St, enter via carpark off Dabee Road
  • Teena McCarthy

    Showing: When are the Bush Marys coming?
    Material: Installation and performance

    Installation at St Laurence Church: photography, cloth, silk satin, string, flowers ‘When are the Bush Marys coming?’ was a phrase coined by the colonisers and outback stationers of western New South Wales. The station men, while waiting for the Aboriginal women, domestic servants to arrive, used this expression. In my photographic ‘self portraits’, installation and performance, I will honour the Holy Mother Mary, the Bush Mary and the divine fertility creation spirit, Mother Earth. The Bush Marys would cook, clean and mind the children, while hidden in the landscape of outback Australia. By way of my Italian/Barkindji heritage, I have re-created my own ‘Holy Trinity’.

    Performance at the Convent Garden: including kangaroo skin, coolamon (a traditional Aboriginal carving from a tree trunk used for carrying babies, hunting tools, bush foods etc.), antique doll, lace blanket It is my intention, in this live performance, to no longer obfuscate the truth of the Bush Mary servant. She is the non-virgin, used for the carnal She has no voice She is her body She comes out of the bush Out of the dark Into the light She returns back to the bush Into the darkness She is the ‘Holy Ghost’. This work is in loving memory of my Barkindji ‘nanna’ Kath Mary McCarthy, also in honour of my mother Elina Erina McCarthy. Performance: 11am and 3pm every day

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  • Paris Norton

    Showing: Mix
    Material: Ceramics, paint, native plants, thread

    I’m made up of so many cultural influences being Aboriginal, white Australian, Irish, Maori etc. – yet none of them alone can define who I am. The works reflect my geneology – an eclectic mixture – and how I’ve come to the conclusion that it is more important to those around me to clearly see my cultural lineage than it is to me.

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  • Kandos CWA

    Showing: Devonshire teas

    Kandos CWA presents Devonshire teas in the Convent Garden for Cementa festival goers.

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