CWA Carport

7 Jaques Street
  • Alex Gawronski

    Showing: Harbinger
    Material: Stereo speakers, amplifier, sub-woofer, digital audio file

    Weather is everywhere at all times. It is pre-human and will persist long after humans have perished. The terrible obviousness of these sentiments nonetheless provokes other considerations. We think of weather like we think of maps. When we look at a map we apprehend it as a manifestation of an objective ‘thing’ called geography. We never think ‘right here where these lines intersect, people are dying’. Or being displaced. We consider a map for its perfect graphic legibility. We have no means of seriously shaping geography just as we have no immediate means of controlling weather. Still weather carries warnings. These are subjective and emotional as well as concretely observable. No matter where we are, whatever the weather is or becomes, it will get to us.

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