Kandos Community Centre Hall

40 Angus Ave
  • A Galaxy of Suns

    Showing: A Galaxy of Suns
    Material: Performance Friday 7 April 8.15pm

    A Galaxy of Suns is a choral performance and associated smart phone app that ‘sings’ the stars as they rise and set for 360˚ of the horizon – for any location on Earth. Tracking the Earth’s motions through space, A Galaxy of Suns documents in real time the audience’s precise position in relation to the stars, using stellar data to create a sound and visual composition specific to their exact location in space and time. In a performance unique to Cementa17, a vocal chorus will sing the motions of the stars on opening night in an ethereal celebration of the cosmos. A Galaxy of Suns is presented in association with Experimenta Media Arts. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. A Galaxy of Suns is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW. Performance: 8.15pm Friday 7 April

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  • Paul Gazzola

    Showing: Town Crossings - Kandos
    Material: Participatory art project

    An OSCA project by Paul Gazzola: Town Crossings – Kandos is an experimental mapping project that invites people to take a frisbee and make a journey around the town. Each player is then invited to record their haphazard pathways, incidental conversations and playful exchanges, as part of a large-scale map. The collected stories will form part of a series of broadcasts on local radio KRR98.7FM 5pm each evening. 5.30pm–dusk Sunday 9 April: The Great Frisbee Off

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  • Super Critical Mass

    Showing: That Thing Between Us
    Material: Delegated performance

    That Thing Between Us is a spatialised work for community voices, featuring a body of regional participants that has accumulated since 2015. Super Critical Mass (SCM) brings together temporary communities to create ambient sound states in publicly accessible places. Each ‘orchestra’ is made up of one type of sound source, whether musical or everyday: 30 ceramic bowls, 50 voices, 100 brass instruments. That Thing Between Us is a study into interdependence. As is typical for SCM the work is planned but unscored and emerges from internalised instructions. As the human voice is organic, each singer must rely on one other to establish and maintain pitch. This creates a dynamic feedback situation reminiscent of early social works by Pauline Oliveros or Cornelius Cardew, a rich and ever-changing sound portrait of a society in action. 12–12.40pm Saturday 8 April

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  • Scott 'Sauce' Towney

    Showing: Wiradjuri Murriyang
    Material: Video on dome

    Wiradjuri Murriyang means Wiradjuri Sky World. This is where Baiame, the great creator lives. Scott has created images based on his own cultural interpretation of the Wiradjuri constellations as described in archival narratives researched by Trevor Leaman. Trevor has placed the constellation artworks in the Murriyang in relation to these narratives. Wiradjuri patterns and mark-making in the work are contemporary. Scott doesn’t copy the original marks on trees because they are linked to ceremony. He uses these traditional marks as a guide to his contemporary graphic work. Kate Richards has joined the team as the consultant producer.

    The Dome Project is linked to the Big Skies Collaboration: creatively celebrating people’s connections with the cosmos in southeastern Australia’s rural inland.’ www.bigskiescollaboration.wordpress.com

    10am–4pm every day except Saturday: 1–4pm

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  • Cementa poets

    A diverse group of young poets from New South Wales and beyond read some of their recent works, pondering the permanence/impermanence of the written/spoken word. From 6pm Sunday 9 April.

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  • Murrawuy and Kirrpatja

    Graham Davis King and Eric Murrawuy Avery present Murrawuy and Kirrpatja, a violin and didgeridoo performance.

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