Kandos Museum

22 Buchanan Street, top of Jaques Street
  • Mervyn Bishop

    Showing: Portraits of Elders
    Material: Series of photographic portraits

    Portraits of Elders presents eight portraits of Kandos elders. The people figured in these photographs have either lived their entire lives in the Kandos– Rylstone area or have important long-standing relationships to the area. These elders have witnessed the growth and transformation of the town. They are descendants of the local Dabee tribe, immigrants who moved here after World War II, and local characters everyone in town will recognise. These portraits are records and a paying of respect to the elders of the Kandos–Rylstone area and to the important part they have played in its history.

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  • John Conomos

    Showing: Paging Mr Hitchcock
    Material: Video (colour, sound, 12 minutes)

    Paging Mr Hitchcock is my video performance homage work dedicated to Hitchcock’s enduring cinema of suspense. I am seen addressing the filmmaker while holding a mask of his face. The first part is an assemblage of Hitchcock’s famous cameo appearances in his own films. The second part is my own performance in a long-take sequence. The video was shot in a studio with a red epic camera.

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  • Nicole Welch

    Showing: Wildēornes Body
    Material: Time-lapse film, edition of six

    Wildēornes (Old English): a land inhabited only by wild animals. Wildēornes Body reflects the inherent loss and uncertainty we now face for the natural environment, while simultaneously being a personal acknowledgement of the artist embracing her mortality and the wolf (lupus) that inhabits her body and world. Swathed in a Victorian 1880s chantilly lace mourning shawl, the artist lay on a large mirror that reflects the sky and the canopy of trees above. Through the symbolism of the mourning shawl and the endurance of holding a pose over time, Welch aims to reveal the symbiotic relationship humans have with the natural world, and the fragility and strength of both. Welch spent several weeks at BigCi artist residency near Wollemi National Park where she researched and created this work.

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  • Tours

    Cementa’s artist-led walking tours will be running each day of the festival, morning and afternoon. They cover the artworks in Kandos precincts 2 and 3 and include performances along the way. The tours take approximately 90 minutes and the walking pace is gentle. There are no formal tours of Kandos precinct 1 or of the other Cementa venues. All Cementa venues are open for self-guided exploration 10am to 4pm for all four days of the festival.

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