KRR98.7FM radio station

50 Angus Ave
  • Paul Gazzola

    Showing: Town Crossings - Kandos
    Material: Participatory art project

    An OSCA project by Paul Gazzola: Town Crossings – Kandos is an experimental mapping project that invites people to take a frisbee and make a journey around the town. Each player is then invited to record their haphazard pathways, incidental conversations and playful exchanges, as part of a large-scale map. The collected stories will form part of a series of broadcasts on local radio KRR98.7FM 5pm each evening. 5.30pm–dusk Sunday 9 April: The Great Frisbee Off

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  • Frontyard

    Showing: Frontyard Bush Telegraph
    Material: Local radio broadcast

    Art is a futures-nutritious conversation that involves everyone. Frontyard conversationalists will be participating in Cementa as a multi-person roving rumour mill, hosting chats on the local radio and assuming the role of provocateur. A daily series of telegraph pole tape-ups around town will telegraph snippets, quotes and critical content from our conversations during the festival. Don’t seek us out … we’ll find you. (An Alex Wisser initiative.) Frontyard Bush Telegraph will be broadcasting on local radio KRR98.7FM from 2 to 2.20pm Saturday 8 April

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