Peep’ole Gallery

39 Angus Ave
  • Andrew Christie

    Showing: Public Figures Series #1, Kandos Edition
    Material: 3-D prints and display material

    In a Kandos shopfront window, passersby may catch a glance of some curious novelties. Small hand-painted models of Kandos locals are shown as marketable objects, waiting to be sold as souvenirs or collectables to visitors and locals alike. These public figures are representative of the Kandos community as the town redefines itself following the closure of the historic cement works. Whether it’s Brent Barlow, descendant of a second-fleeter Mudgee newspaper family, local educators and artists Kat and Darryl Brown, or innovative farmer Stuart Andrews of Natural Sequence Farming, you can support this small town by taking a unique part of Kandos home with you.

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