Pine Forest

25 Campbell Street, behind the Scout Hall
  • Skye Saxon

    Showing: The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland
    Material: Installation and performance artwork

    Kandos’s wild woodland proved fertile inspiration for Saxon’s active dream life. Upon discovering Kandos’s mysterious woodland tucked behind the local scout hall Saxon was entranced. A winterland tepee revealed itself to the artist, providing a map for her Cementa17 work. In The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland Saxon will perform as a Snowflake Shaman offering guests the opportunity to transform their stress into snow within her winterland tepee structure. Step inside, soften, melt and surrender to the transformation. This project is supported by Studio A, and by the Accessible Arts’ Delineate grant as a part of the Don’t DIS my ABILITY program.

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