Cementa Contemporary Arts Festival: Kandos NSW Nov 21-24 2019

4 days and nights of performance, sound, cabaret, interactive and electronic arts, video, photography, installation and ceramics

More than 60 artists make, exhibit and perform works throughout 20 venues across the town of Kandos and beyond.
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Teena McCarthy | When are the Bush Marys coming? 2017. . photo by ian hobbs
Kandos was built to house the workforce of the Kandos cement works and collieries. Sitting at the foot of Combamolang (Coombermelon) Mountain – Kandos looks out at one of the most stunning landscapes in inland NSW. With this region as its focus, Cementa17 will celebrate the diversity of voices that can be heard within our contemporary arts communities.
Cementa17 presented a strong showing of works by Indigenous artists, including installations by Tony Albert, Teena McCarthy and Paris Norton, and a portrait series by Mervyn Bishop. For the first time we ventured out of town to locations in the landscape. PYT | Fairfield presented Pagoda Parkour at Ganguddy.
Genevieve Murray with Lyn Syme and Kevin Williams I Future Acts photo by Alex Wisser
In the Correspondence of Imaginary Places, artworks by 7 artists from New York were installed at Birds Hut by 7 Australian artists; the Australian artists, in return, had their work installed in and around Manhattan. Gilbert Grace presented The Hemp Initiative as part of his residency on Marloo, a 3000-acre property outside Kandos. Farmer Stuart Andrews lead a tour of Marloo, demonstrating Natural Sequence Farming.
Cementa17 was loaded with our usual events: Opening Night, Sound Night, Cabaret Night, not to mention daytime scheduled and spontaneous performances. Mark Shorter and Sach Catts dug and chopped in rhythmic exchange, Greg Pritchard played a round of performance golf, Linda Brescia dressed up as an artist to allay anxieties.
Claire Conroy | City of Ladies 2017. photo by ian hobbs
  • Artist Report: The Motel Sisters - Liam Benson and Naomi Oliver

    21 May 2019

    Liam and Naomi just love a long country road trip, and Naomi loves to chitchat Liam’s ear off, so that is perfect, really.

  • TELEMATIC STUDIO report #3

    16 May 2019

    Last session Telematic Studios paired the artists, asking them to each take their partner’s project and reimagine it as their own. The idea was to give each artist the experience of first seeing their beloved idea reshaped in the image of another artist’s approach to the world and second of taking the other artist’s idea as a foreign object introduced into their own practice. Afterwards we talk with Beth Dillon and Keira Simmons about how this experience played out

  • Our Second Telematic Encounter

    03 May 2019

    After another brilliant session in the studios, Alex and Christy settle down with Maize Wallin and Kath Fries to talk about communicating on the interwebs and other mysterious phenomena

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