Skye Saxon

2. Skye Saxon, The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland, 2017. photo Alex Wisser
2. Skye Saxon, The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland, 2017. photo Alex Wisser


Skye Saxon works out of Studio A, a social enterprise that supports professional artists with intellectual disability. Saxon has exhibited at Gaffa Gallery, Kinokuniya Books and Carriageworks. In 2015 she was an exhibiting artist in the Underbelly Arts festival. She is a collaborating artist on the Bird Fox Monster project supported by Carriageworks and Erth Visual and Physical inc. Saxon is also currently working on a video game and interactive art work with Elias Nohra titled Snowflake Moon: A Paper Ville Mystery, set to be released in November 2016.


Skye Saxon is a performance artist and creator of mystic characters, drawings and stories. Drawing has forever functioned as a fundamental part of her life. An identical twin, Saxon explains she and her sister Krystal communicated with pictures before words, ‘Drawing was our way of speaking’. Dreams, memories and metaphysical worlds form the substance of Saxon’s work, which more recently exists in the form of performance and interactive media. Of her artwork, Saxon says ‘It is cool to be able to play with the strange parts of myself, to make artworks from this place, and to share this with an audience’.

The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland | 2017

Materials | Installation and performance artwork
Location | Pine Forest
1. Skye Saxon, The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland, 2017. photo Alex Wisser
1. Skye Saxon, The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland, 2017. photo Alex Wisser

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