Help Cementa Buy The Building!

“I don’t like the art, but I like the ideas” - Kandos Local 2013

In 2012 the Kandos Cement works closed, leaving the town with an uncertain future.

Who could have predicted that this future would include a contemporary art festival?

Alan Schacher, Behemoth Cementa15
Alan Schacher, Behemoth Cementa15
And yet, 6 years later, Cementa is on the verge of launching its fourth festival and expanding into a year-round program with the foundation of a multi-purpose artspace run by regional NSW artists and community members.
In that time, Cementa has helped to raise the profile of Kandos and the brilliant rural landscape it occupies, contributing to an improved visitor economy and attracting new home owners.
At the same time, we have honed our vision as an arts organisation, focusing on the challenges of cultivating contemporary art culture in the regions, and developing the unique collaboration with the culture and community of Kandos
Angus Hall
Angus Hall


We have just signed the lease on Angus Hall, the original community hall of Kandos.

The owner has offered to sell us the building and he has given us five years to raise the funds. Having our own building will mean that we can take the benefit we deliver every two years through the festival, and make it a year round affair. We already host up to 20 artists a year on residencies in Kandos. This is a huge resource that we will be able to expand upon, in concert with our growing state and national networks of regional artists and our local community to create a dynamic program of events, projects, and exhibitions.

Our expanded program allows us to establish ourselves as a destination venue for cultural visitors and a platform for developing regionally situated socially engaged art.

We also have the opportunity to work with internationally renowned architect Momoya Kaidjima of Atelier Bow Wow who is interested in helping us redesign the building for its new life. In order to do this, we need to own the building.

So many things we can do here
So many things we can do here