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Cementa is a biennial festival that arose in part out of the closing of the local Cement Works at Kandos in regional NSW. This origin tied the fate of our organisation and the arts culture we celebrate to the social and economic fortunes of the small town that has come to accept us as a part of its community. It also meant that we have participated in a cultural movement that combines contemporary art expression with the life and concerns of a small town, and by extension the regions in which it is situated.

This has proven an exciting potential to artists who have taken our unique model as a provocation to explore new ways of making art that relates to people beyond the conventional art audience. It has also allowed us to embed ourselves within our community and to contribute to the renewal of the economic and social life of our town.

We have recently been offered an opportunity to purchase Angus Hall, the original social hall for Kandos. The owner is keen to keep the hall open to the community and fears that if he sells it to a private owner, it will end up as a weekender and will never be available to the public again. He has offered it to us for a generous price ($180,000) and is holding sale to give us time to raise the funds. We have put together a three-part campaign to raise most of the cost of purchase the building and have already raised $55,000 toward that end.

The purchase of this building would mean that we could establish our operation on a permanent and sustainable foundation and render the benefit we deliver to our community, to regional NSW and to the arts sector of our state into the future.

Though the first stage of public fundraising campaign has ended, you can still contribute to the cause by making a tax deductible gift to our public trust account below.

Angus Hall
Angus Hall




Cementa Inc. acknowledges the Wiradjuri people as the Traditional Custodians of the Country upon which we live, learn and work. We honour their Ancestors and pay our deepest respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.