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Episode 1

27 April 22 25min

Meet Sister Glitternullius

Juundaal Strang-Yettica was Cementa’s artist residence in April 2021. Juundaal is a re-emerging Bundjalung-Kannakan artist living on Dharawal Country. As a woman with a disability, Juundaal’s approach to socially engaged art is underpinned by learning, determination and creative courage. Joining us is Mary Cavanagh a Kandos resident who participated in workshops facilitated by Juundaal’s character Sister Glitternullius, who is a nun with a contradictory personality.

Episode 2

05 May 22 00:27:30

Meet Hannah Jenkins and Rory Green

During their two-week residency in June 2021, Hannah Jenkins and Rory Green developed Kandos Trace Garden, an interactive and infinitely generating digital poem. Their work alchemizes the past and present of Kandos. It speaks to where the town may be heading in the future.

Together with local historian Colleen O’Sullivan, we discuss social engagement and ask why contemporary art is a challenge to the population of this small post-industrial town.

Episode 3

16 May 22

Meet Shammgods: performers who push their luck under the guise of making art.

Matt Prest, Nitin Vengurlekar and Malcolm Whittaker are interested to explore, interrogate and unpack meaningless art rhetoric.

A fresh critique of socially engaged art from Shammgods who were resident artists in June 2021.

Art Resides Series 1

What happens when contemporary art leaves the gallery and comes to Kandos, in the central west of NSW, Australia?

The Cementa Festival of contemporary art shows us what this looks like. Each year, up to 30 festival artists are invited to take up residency to engage with the residents, with Dabee Country, and the regional situation.

In each episode, hosts David Ryan, Cementa’s creative producer, and Bridget Baskerville, an emerging visual artist hailing from Kandos, create space for these invisible processes to coalesce and take form through mutual recollection, reflection and conversation with residency artists and local people. That which is hidden behind the art, the intangible work and play between artists and the people of Kandos, is documented through discussion. Captured are stories of collaboration, of intervention and a celebration of different voices across both the contemporary art and Kandos communities.

Art Resides in Kandos, and here, there, wherever that is, with those who come and listen.

Cementa Inc. acknowledges the Wiradjuri people as the Traditional Custodians of the Country upon which we live, learn and work. We honour their Ancestors and pay our deepest respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.