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Cementa17 is four days and nights of performance, sound, cabaret, interactive and electronic arts, video, installation and ceramics presented in more than twenty venues across the post industrial town of Kandos NSW.  Situated in some of the most stunning countryside in New South Wales, Kandos sits on the side of Coombermelon Mountain, overlooking the surrounding landscape. This brilliant little town provides the background against which over 60 artists will make, exhibit and perform work relating to the social, historical, or environmental context of the town and the region around it.

Tony Albert, Brad Allen-Waters, Justin Balmain, Mervin Bishop, Linda Brescia, Margaret Brooks, Tim Burns, Terry Burrows, Damian Castaldi, Andrew Christie, John Conomos, Claire Conroy, Justin Cooper, Sean Cordeiro, Annemaree Dalziel, Graham Davis-King, Julian Day, John A Douglas, Alex Gawronski, Paul Gazzola, Gilbert Grace, Anne Grahame, Paul Greedy, Billy Gruner, Claire Healy, Helen Hyatt-Johnston, Luke Jaaniste, Zina Kaye, Solange Kershaw, Teena McCarthy, Gevevieve Murray, Paris Norton, Jane Polkinghorne, Greg Pritchard, Jack Randell, Irene Ridgeway, Thom Roberts, Skye Saxon, Mark Shorter, Karen Therese, Sauce Towney, Sarah Waterson, Nicole Welch, Miriam Williamson, 

In this its third iteration, our festival is branching out to include three works that will take place on the land, outside of the town of Kandos.  This will include a performance by Dauntless Movement Crew, a Fairfield Parkour, Hip-hop and Tricking team that will adapt their technique to the unique pagoda rock formations at the unique landscape at Ganguddy (Dunn’s Swamp).  Nearby, at Bird’s Hut, a 19th century shepherd’s hut, will host seven artworks by artists from the New York ARI space ABC NoRio installed by seven Australian artists as a part of Correspondence of Imaginary Places.  In exchange the seven Australian artists will have their work installed in and around Manhattan in the lead-up to the festival.   Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, a newly formed institution dedicated to exploring the capacity of art to engender cultural change in the world.  Their first project, a crop of hemp by artist Gilbert Grace, will be on display nearby at Stuart Andrew’s property, Marloo, a 3000 acre farm currently being restored using Natural Sequence Farming techniques developed by Stuart and his father Peter Andrews.

Back in Kandos we will be building on the success of the previous two festivals, celebrating the state of Australian contemporary art across the spectrum of practice, from emerging to established, from urban to regional.  Cementa continues its commitment to combine in dialogue, the diversity of voices that compose our rich contemporary art culture.

This can be seen as we continue to build on the highly successful Indigenous dimension introduced at Cementa15.  C17 will see work by the accomplished installation artist Tony Alberts and a portrait series by legendary documentary photographer, Mervyn Bishop. Emerging artist Teena McCarthy will explore the tensions between her mixed heritage, culture and identity while emerging regional artist Paris Norton will look at trauma of assimilatating skin colour to white.

All of our major night events and performances will return, from Opening Night, to Sound and Cabaret Nights, and the expected round of scheduled and roving performances.   Mark Shorter will plant himself  half-buried to the waist while he tracks the Transit of Venus.  Greg Pritchard will play a round of performance golf with a small audience of three and Super Critical Mass will be mounting a large-scale found object orchestra composed of regional choristers.

As usual, a strong showing of electronic and video art will feature.  Electronic artist Zina Kaye will be working with local indigenous historians to tell their history.  This will include an immersive virtual reality [Google googles] travelling down from Nullo Mountain along the Cudgegong River, and interactive refractive floor map.  Hinterding and Haines, and Cordeiro and Healy, plus Nicole Welch, John Conomos and Justin Balmain.  John A. Douglas will remake scenes from sci-fi classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, adapted to the local landscape.

And this is just a small sampling of what is on offer at Cementa17.  Please browse our website to find out more about the artists and art featured in this festival.  Book your accommodation early and leave yourself a spare day to check out the stunning natural landscapes and brilliant wineries of our area. 

See you in Kandos!

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