Gilbert Grace

The Hemp Initiative (KSCA)
Land+Art residency and outcomes

Realising Ian Milliss’s Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation from Cementa13 became my idee fixe and project for Cementa17. Long before 2017, KSCA took on a life of its own, including a Land+Art residency. I am working alongside Ian Milliss, Laura Fisher and the other members of KSCA to achieve some, if not all, of Ian’s ambitions for Kandos (the ersatz Lithgow that provided the research impetus). We are navigating bureaucratic hurdles to obtain a licence for Stuart Andrews to grow a crop of low-THC industrial hemp at Marloo. From a list of prospective outcomes we have completed a hempcrete ceremonial gate on Angus Avenue, a first-edition bamboo and hemp bicycle frame (more to come) … and Futurelands2. The project will contribute to the body of knowledge required for a hemp industry to flourish in Australia as Sir Joseph Banks, The British Royal Society and the British Admiralty intended. Artist’s talk: midday every day except Saturday Book at Eventbrite for the Tour of Marloo: Bus departs Kandos 9am Saturday 8 April

See works at venue 9 Angus Ave
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