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  • Highland Dancing at Kandos

    27 March 2017

    We are dancing together to create a performance, Whispers in the Grass, a story of dispossession, grief and survival. Dance speech poetry and song are the archives of oral cultures and we are building our own archive of feeling. It is one of many stories of the Scots diaspora to Australia in the 19th century and it follows a local story, the story of how local farmer George McDonald’s forebears came from famine in Skye in 1852, to the Capertee Valley.

  • The Daily Diminish

    17 March 2017

    Every day, comments are made to women which shape their identity, behaviours, social groups and self worth. Most of these are said with such frequency that we hardly acknowledge them. The phrases run the gamut, addressing behaviour and appearance along with directing our aspirations and goals.

  • Still Life in Mudgee

    17 March 2017

    Cementa is very proud to have been able to facilitate a photography and painting workshop with Mudgee High School year 11 Visual Arts Students by Cementa17 artist and recent addition to the Kandos artist community, Terry Burrows.

  • "Emma Goldman Action" Artist: Zanny Begg Perfor- mance: Anya Rosen

    06 March 2017

    As I began research on this project I chanced upon a collection of speeches by Emma Goldman. As I re-read one of her speeches from New York I was struck by a collapsing sense of time. One hundred years ago Emma Goldman was arrested for distributing information on birth control for women.

  • The Trailer

    03 February 2014
  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Kate Mackay

    08 April 2013
  • Artists in Transit

    08 April 2013
  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Ian Milliss

    03 April 2013
  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: AñA Wojak

    02 April 2013

    Fiercely independent clouds are ignoring eachother in the flat wide blue.

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: The Motel Sisters

    27 March 2013
  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Billy Gruner and The SNO Group

    26 March 2013

    What was impressive was the way in which the the Cementa organizers made the project come together across disciplines and styles but also how well they managed the activity of so many artists works in the town over several days

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