• Not a residency report as such but a report of thinking whilst driving on the way to Kandos. November 2014.

    10 March 2016

    I sit in my car eating a white bread sandwich from a local bakery and observe a puffy teenager holding a one hundred dollar bill with outstretched arms…

  • Cementa15 Residency - Kandos - Robyn Backen

    09 February 2014

    I was in partial lockdown for a week in Kandos at the shop-residency. I spent my time reading writing, drawing thinking, overheating, swimming, walking, a couple of incidental as well as organised meetings with towns people and generally just being in Kandos as an disconnected outsider. As an outsider one is given the opportunity to observe and see the town from a distance. The anonymity affords one the privilege of isolation to contemplate and become absorbed in the landscape of internal thoughts.

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Josephine Starrs

    01 April 2013

    So much happening! Hotrod cars on steroids, flags, mullets, and aussie swazzi tatts. I’m outside my comfort zone and it’s hot! The event is a fabulous circus that saturates all the senses

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Billy Gruner and The SNO Group

    26 March 2013

    What was impressive was the way in which the the Cementa organizers made the project come together across disciplines and styles but also how well they managed the activity of so many artists works in the town over several days

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Connie Anthes

    24 March 2013

    Yes, that’s right. Meditated. One afternoon mid-festival I arrived at the horse paddock where my work Untitled (98 vacancies) was installed to find 2 people meditating and 1 person asleep IN my work

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Jacquelene Drinkall

    22 March 2013

    Cementa_13 enabled me to install my UFO in the beautiful garden of Christine MacMillan, a local Kandos resident, former Kandos High School art teacher and an artist who works in Bathurst. I visited Dunne’s Swamp, just near Kandos, early after I designed my UFO project in 2005

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Fiona Davies

    21 March 2013

    As one of the Cementa-13 artists I developed a work where I interviewed passers-by; those just walking down the main street of Kandos, in late December and January.  I wanted to know if they had got the cane on their hand at school…

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Christine McMillan

    18 March 2013

    My exhibition space was ‘The Brown Owl’ a deep pink, visually busy shop and gallery space full of pattern and colour.

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Ro Murray

    15 March 2013

    At camp (a tiny tent) was set up on the Honeysett Charbon Dam, beside Chi‘s Taj Mahal (I never found the front door) with Diego grazing on blackberries up our driveway. The ensuite had a pit toilet with plein air bathing

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Peter Williamson

    14 March 2013

    Ensconced in the Kandos Bicentennial Industrial Museum, I watched the floods of enthusiastic art lovers, lookers and makers wash through this idiosyncratic collection of historical and interesting objects.

  • Cementa_13 Artist Report: Sarah Breen Lovett

    13 March 2013

     The experience of being in such close proximity, to so many talented and interesting artists was an eye opener. Yes, I will come straight out and say it, at Cementa 13, I discovered that…