Skye & Thom's Big Kandos Adventure

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Skye & Thom’s Cementa17 Artwork – Visioning during their September 2016 Residency Studio A’s first foray to Kandos in September 2016 was a mission to find inspiration. In the relentless rain Studio A artists Thom Roberts and Skye Saxon bravely traversed Kandos leaving no stone unturned as they sort out sites to spark their imaginations.

Rainy Days

As an artist with a long-term love affair with the crowns of people’s heads, Kandos hairdressing salon proved an enticing platform. For those out of the loop, your crown is located on the top of your head, it is often spiral shaped and is a central point from which hair grows. For Thom, crowns are a magical landscape in which he identifies an array of creatures. At Cementa17 Thom will undertake a performance artwork where guests are invited to offer their crowns for Thom to read and interrupt.

Checking Out the Hairdressers Kandos Cuts, Colours and Curls

Skye has a very developed relationship with her dream life, and is easily able to draw upon this metaphysical world to create mystical and magical artwork. Upon discovering Kandos’ wild woodland hidden behind the local Scout Hall Skye was entranced. A Winter-land Tipee revealed itself to Skye, providing a map for her Cementa17 work. Skye will perform as a Snowflake Shaman offering guests the opportunity to transform their stress into snow within her Winter-land Tipee structure. Step inside, soften, melt and surrender to the transformation.

Into the woods we go Haunted Forest

Skye & Thom's Big Kandos Adventure
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