Cementa Contemporary Arts Festival: Kandos NSW Nov 21-24 2019

Cementa19 is bearing down upon us with a brilliant line-up of performance, sound, cabaret, interactive and electronic arts, video, photography, and installation engaging with the town of Kandos and its regional situation.

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The heart of Cementa19 is the artists’ program with more than 40 artists making, exhibiting and performing work in 20 venues across the town of Kandos.

Thom Roberts | Positive and Negative of Thom Roberts’s Workshop 2017. photo by ian hobbs

Kandos was built to house the workforce of the Kandos cement works and collieries. Sitting at the foot of Combamolang (Coombermelon) Mountain – Kandos looks out at one of the most stunning landscapes in inland NSW. With this region as its focus, Cementa19 will celebrate the diversity of voices that can be heard within our contemporary arts communities.

This year there will be many highlights and many quiet triumphs!!

Murrawuy and Kirrpatja photo by alex wisser

Since the end of 2017 artists have been visiting Kandos on residency, getting to know the town, connecting with the people and environs and making work in response. This year there will be meteors, fireworks, melting sculptures, burning mountains, historical mobiles, ice cream, musical vehicles, a thundering fort, etc. you know, the usual.

Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation will unfold for us their two-year journey of discovery: An Artist, a Farmer, and a Scientist Walk into a Bar. This project saw nine artists engaging with farmers, scientists, Aboriginal custodians, and other regional stakeholders who are changing the culture of agriculture, and adapting farming practices and land management in response to drought, climate change, and land degradation.

PYT Fairfield, the folk who brought us Pagoda Parkour in 2017, are returning to again take performance into places performance has never been before. This time it’s SWIMMING POOL, a devised theatre work with youth from Western Sydney and regional NSW presenting their stories of growing up Australian through diverse cultural and social perspectives, united via the one public space universal to all of them. A perfect performance for the hot November days.

Andrew Frost has curated Here and Not Here, an exhibition of regional artists looking at how regional history is under a constant state of erasure, from the changing environment, to the slow decay of historic sites and towns, to the slow forgetting of cultures, languages and place.

In addition to these daytime delights, we keep the evenings full: The Cementa Salon Opening will coincide with the launch of the Kandos First Nations Cultural Centre. Our Performance Night promises to be as much fun as it has been every festival so far, as does our Sound Night …

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  • Festival DATES 21 to 24 NOVEMBER 2019