Alisa Burlington

Trove | 2024

Night Swim, 2023, mixed media on Canvas. Photo by Alisa Burlington.
Night Swim, 2023, mixed media on Canvas. Photo by Alisa Burlington.
Trove. @ Kandos Public School
Trove will be an enclosed created space reminiscent of a cubby house. Inside the painted fabric space will be a collection of hand made magic rocks for people to sit and play with. The rocks are inspired by the various hues of colour that interchange along the Coombermelong range that envelop the town of Kandos. The idea behind the artwork is to reawaken the inner child and to encourage the audience to sit and contemplate the magic of their surroundings and their place within it.


Alisa Burlington was born in Sydney in 1980. She studied at Sydney College of the Arts where she majored in painting and graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts. Originally from Sydney, Alisa relocated with her young family to Rylstone, NSW in 2009 where she continues to paint and exhibit locally. Alisa works professionally as an SLSO (student learning support officer) within both Primary and Secondary schools in the Mudgee region.


My work is a visual expression of the emotional experience that I observe in small moments, which I refer to as sweet musings. My art reflects the magic in noticing these moments and the hidden nuances that they convey. Whether it be the pattern on a leaf, the way light can transform a mountain or a quiet ripple in a pond, I like to explore the journey of self-knowing that is partnered with such small yet sweet moments.

Materials | mixed media - paper machè, watercolour, acrylic, canvas, fabric, recycled books, tea bag papers, wire, glass beads
Location | Kandos Public School
Raspberry light Sentinal, 2023, watercolour, pencil and ink on paper. Photo by Alisa Burlington.