Jude Bowler

Bowler Jude Stage Fright ein Kabarett photo Flo Samus
Bowler Jude Stage Fright ein Kabarett photo Flo Samus
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I’m in the biz of showbiz as an Independent Performer/Writer/Producer/Creative Collaborator, since 1999. Creating theatre, cabaret, vaudeville; working big cities + small towns, from mainstage to main street, to entertain, amuse & inform.


JUDE BOWLER is best known for her incisive character-comedy in kooky cabaret/theatre circles, incl her various solo shows and as part of underground comedy collective SIX QUICK CHICKS. A performer/writer for 25+ years, Jude’s history ranges from showgirl to drama, radio to physical theatre. Jude’s early career began mid-90s as performer/creator for SGLMG, Pride Festivals and associated community activism. Later she worked in Europe with street theatre/puppetry company Plasticiens Volants. In 2017, Jude joined MIDNIGHT FEAST THEATRE (NIDA’s first resident company for artists with disabilities) as a featured artist/facilitator. She works regularly with CirqueM in Mudgee. 2024 sees Jude touring regional NSW plus a Sydney season, performing her latest cabaret/theatre work “Stage Fright” – a unique homage to Marlene Dietrich. She’s also gigging with Christa Hughes in “Parlour Noir” a double-edged double-act inspired by the femme fatales of film noir.

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