Damian Showyin

Tree Trunks and Paddocks in Kandos | 2024

Damian Showyin, Untitled (Kandos), 2024, (69 x 109) acrylic on canvas. Photo courtesy the artist and Studio A
Damian Showyin, Untitled (Kandos), 2024, (69 x 109) acrylic on canvas. Photo courtesy the artist and Studio A
Tree Trunks and Paddocks in Kandos. @ St Dominics Church Hall
Damian Showyin has produced a new body of paintings and textile work inspired by time spent in Kandos with Diane Pirotta informed by her cultural and creative lens as a Wiradjuri woman. Working on site in Kandos with a blue sky studio Damian has responded directly to the environment.


Damian Showyin (b.1974) has an expansive practice that spans and incorporates painting, textiles and public art. He was a key artist on Bird Life Jungle Disco, a large scale mural commissioned by the University of Technology Sydney and has presented work at the New England Regional Art Museum, Australian Design Centre, Tamworth Regional Gallery, Underbelly Arts Festival and the Biennale of Sydney. In 2023, he was a finalist in the Gulgong Art Prize, and in 2022, he was awarded the Digital Fabrics Award at the Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards with a work that integrated both his painting and weaving practices. In 2024, Damian will have a joint solo show at Mosman Art Gallery with fellow Studio A artist Catherine McGuiness and guest artist Shan Turner-Carroll.


On acquiring a work by Damian Showyin for his personal collection, Justin Paton, took to Instagram to air his praise: “Damian Showyin is a wonderful builder in colour, constructing his intensely satisfying paintings from softly brushed blocks, stacks and windows… And they also hint at something bigger, about how things in any setting - a city, landscape or community — must accommodate each other to get along. ‘In paint and textiles, I have developed a personal language; one of patterns and braided shapes. I delight in the teeming and tight harmony of the buildings, fences and gardens I’m surrounded by. Perhaps this is why my art resonates so well when installed in public, in places of getting along’.

Materials | a series of paintings, acrylic on canvas
Location | St Dominics Church Hall

Diane Pirotta