Shani Nottingham

Souvenirs of Kandos / Artefacts of Kandos circa 2023 | 2024

TOXIC BLOOMS, RED 2023  Single use disposable number 6 BREADTGAS. Photography by Shani Nottingham
TOXIC BLOOMS, RED 2023 Single use disposable number 6 BREADTGAS. Photography by Shani Nottingham
Souvenirs of Kandos / Artefacts of Kandos circa 2023. @ Kandos Museum
A series of found post consumer objects mindfully gathered while on residency in Kandos, now individually recognised, highlighted, featured and presented as souvenirs that can be be purchased by visitors to Cementa and Kandos. These are handpicked, numbered and unique items, artefacts of the Anthropocene. This installation interrogates notions of value and worth, and what asks questions about what we might hold precious and worth keeping.


Residing in Central West NSW on Wiradjuri land, Nottingham is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose practice is woven together from many strands, including collages, mixed media, photography, drawing, illustration, sculptural forms and installation. Nottingham is also the creator of The Breadtag Project, a creative initiative that highlights the problematic nature of single use plastics. Post consumer breadtags are sent to her from people globally, which she transforms into works both large and intimate in scale. Nottingham has won several national creative awards, as well as the Northern Beaches Environmental Art and Design Awards for Small Sculpture 2023. Her work is held in private and public collections, and has been featured across many platforms and mediums in Australia and internationally. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Dubbo Cultural and Arts Centre, Cowra Regional Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre Canberra and The Hive Gallery and Museum Tasmania, and a collaborative work with Freya Jobbins at M16 Canberra. Recent group shows include Clouds 3 Newcastle Arts Space, Hornsby Remagine Finalists Sydney, Hornsby Art Prize Finalist Exhibition, and the Arts Out West exhibition While The World Waits. (2022-2024)


The narratives that objects convey when formed into collections animates my practice. Imbued with cultural energy, social meaning, personal attachment and symbolism, my work considers notions of worth, meaning, value and how these ideas are capable of transformation through a reframing of perception. I am forever collecting small moments and elements of everyday life that can either bind, comfort and hold us, or confront and surprise. Collecting is a practice that enables me to create order from chaos. Even if unintentional or subconscious, collecting has a direct influence and impact on my sense of self, identity, and the output of much of my creative practice.

Materials | mixed media, found & foraged materials/objects
Location | Kandos Museum