Tommy Misa

TOMMY MISA QUEER BAR23 pic Joseph Mayers
TOMMY MISA QUEER BAR23 pic Joseph Mayers
Kandos RSC Club


Tommy Misa works across live performance, screen and community gatherings, with his work responding to The Queers, The Pasifika Community, The Hard Workers and the Misfits in his life. Tommy has created original works across screen, theatre and art-y worlds and most recently premiered ‘Working Class Clown’ an original commission for the Biennale of Sydney co-presented by Performance Space, exploring the interplay of grief, joy and the role, responsibility and riot of the clown.


My practice is a constant evolution of self and surroundings. As I expand to different edges I realise the things that remain the same are my priority and approach. The priority is the relationship between audience and performer and how we witness each other in the present moment, understanding more each time how to care for eachother in the moment. My approach starts with a strong thought or emotional pull, right now it is finding gems in the residue of grief. I explore alone then present to an audience and continue to build on their input and feedback. What I hope for most though is that I get to witness laughter, that portal is one I am most drawn to.

TOMMY MISA WCC pic Joseph Mayers