Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation

Disturbed | 2024

Solving the Puzzle of Landscape Resilience', 2022, workshop. Photography by Gus Armstrong
Solving the Puzzle of Landscape Resilience', 2022, workshop. Photography by Gus Armstrong
Disturbed. @ Paul’s Paddock
Disturbance: A natural event or human activity that disrupts and changes an ecosystem. Join KSCA as we gather, ramble and contemplate in a vacant paddock in Kandos. What will be the ecological and social outcomes of our time spent on this land? Through a series of interactive works and performances we will collectively examine our relationships with the plants, the landscape and each other. Who and what came before? What is happening now? And what will happen next?


KSCA creates environmentally focused, collaborative and socially-engaged art that reaches beyond the familiar context of galleries to contribute to real-world cultural change. Formed in 2016 in the post-industrial town of Kandos, Wiradjuri Country, its geographically diverse members have presented projects across many different urban, rural and regional communities and audiences. Past works have included the multi-year collaboration ‘An Artist, a Farmer and a Scientist Walk into a Bar’ and ‘Groundswell’ in Bingara, NSW; the Capertee Valley Hydrology Project’; Land Studio’, Futurelands 2’ and Waterland’. KSCA is a group of interdisciplinary practitioners including writers, geographers, farmers, educators, scientists and researchers. KSCA members participating in Cementa24 are Ian Milliss, Imogen Semmler, Diego Bonetto, Erika Watson, Peter Swain, Vickie Zhang, Leanne Thompson, Lucas Ihlein, Georgie Pollard, Kim Williams and Laura Fisher.


We are drawn to social challenges and situations where cultural adaptation is not a choice but a necessity. We believe that artists offer a different way of seeing the world to help collaborators and audiences find pathways to change when they are feeling stuck in habits or limited by their discipline. Our practice is informed by curious and interdisciplinary collaboration, and through this process unexpected, hybrid and emergent art-forms are revealed. Our past artworks have included interactive exhibitions, workshops with games and puzzles, sculpture making field trips, performative meal experiences, hands-on farm tours and cross-disciplinary public forums. ‘Disturbed’ at Cementa24 forms part of our ongoing exploration of the theme succession within ecological science, Indigenous cultural knowledge and community resilience. It provides us with rich and compelling concepts to expand and challenge our practice around ideas of adaptation.

Materials | interactive installations & performances
Location | Paul’s Paddock