Maddison Gibbs

Landscapes, and Whispers | 2022

Landscapes and Whispers, Cementa 22 photo Ian hobbs
Landscapes and Whispers, Cementa 22 photo Ian hobbs


Maddison Gibbs is a proud Barkindji woman who grew up in Dubbo, NSW. She currently lives and works between Sydney and Kandos, NSW. Both artist and activist, Maddison Gibbs practice examines dual histories – focusing on stories of past and present Aboriginal societies and spirit. A multidisciplinary artist, Gibbs works across a wide spectrum of cultural praxis, utilising many methods and ideologies. A current thematic of Gibbs’ work focusses on the intergenerational stories of contemporary Aboriginal affairs – with a focus on telling women’s narratives.

"Landscapes, and Whispers" 2022

‘Landscapes’ (Rylstone Common) is a site-responsive work that considers invisible layers that exist within Australia’s landscapes, to activate seemingly hidden sites including dual histories and dual perspectives across times, marking 200 years since colonisation. In ‘Whispers’ (Combamalong Studios) spirits dance in the sheoaks, whispering songs of Country and stories of the constellations and the knowledge they hold when caring for Country. ‘Whispers’ is paying respects to our ancestors and continuing contemporary ceremonies.


My artworks are based on my culture, people and surroundings, they tell stories of past and present by using contemporary methods and ideologies. My works include political statements and educational information regarding Aboriginal issues, a subject which I am extremely passionate about. I use different mediums for my works including drawing, ceramics, printmaking and animation.

Materials | installation mixed media
Location | Combamalong Studios Rylstone Common
Landscapes and Whispers, Cementa 22 photo Ianhobbs
Landscapes and Whispers, Cementa 22 photo Ianhobbs