Photos Day 1

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Check out Cementa17 Info booth when you get into town

Gilbert Grace talking up The Hemp Initiative

The hemp crowd!

Making hemp paper.

Tony Bond is serving up soup at the House of Shade and Shadows

Anne Graham and Tony Bond serving light refreshment at the House of Shade and Shadows

Jack Randell serving up free pins

Teena McCarthy and Tony Albert with their brand new artist generated secret pin numbers

Linda Brescia wandering the streets of Kandos, comforting people with her otherness

Talking to the folk

John Douglas making his mountain

He needs to make more mountain

Jenny More contributing her drafting skills

Dauntless Movement Crew impressed at the Kandos High School end of term assembly

Thom Roberts drawing masterpieces from the crowns of people’s heads

The bugs in your hair

The view from Miriam Williamson and Brad Allen Waterson’s Bag Hut

And then we had a massive big party!

Good Night Day 1

All photographs by Gus Armstrong and Alex Wisser


  • Wendy Williams:

    Absolutely my favourite over all Cementa’s was last nights production of 6 Quick Chicks. Laughed out loud well and truly. Fabulous. I realised how much I miss live theatre living in the beautiful Capertee Valley. But we can do this people: it is uplifting, fun and enriched with other peoples experiences. Thank you, thank you

Photos Day 1
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