Kandos Kids prepare for the MCA

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Kandos High School students Laandi Buckland and Ben Abrahams are working away on creating artworks for exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Last week they partook in the second of a series of three workshops lead by Kandos High School art teacher Kat Brown to produce work to be hung at the MCA as a part of the celebration of International Day for People with a Disability.

These workshops are an extension of the Cementa lead Supported Residency program, in partnership with Accessible Arts and Studio A that saw artists Skye Saxon and Thom Roberts complete artist residencies at Kandos in order to prepare work for Cementa17. While they were in Kandos, they started the local kids off with a series of workshops that challenged local kids with disability to make work as artists.

Out of this initial encounter, a larger project emerged and before long our Kandos High School Kids got an invite to attend the International Day for People with a Disability event at the MCA and to display their work as a part of the celebration.


Next week three of our young artists will be travelling down to Sydney to visit the MCA, catch up with Skye Saxon and attend another of her workshop. We are very proud of their achievements!

This project was made possible by funding from Create NSW, Delineate grant through Accessible Art, and the generous support of Kandos Rotary. Thank you to The MCA and everyone who has made this possible.

Kandos Kids prepare for the MCA