Spirit of ’21| Segment 6

by David Ryan | Performance Artists

Join artist Tina Stefanou and Cementa’s artistic director, Alex Wisser in a discussion of The Longest Hum. A participatory vocal work, conceived by Tina, to create the world’s longest collective hum.

Tina Stefanou discusses the art of huming with Alex Wisser, 2021.

The hum is a gentle, musically democratic and direct way to interact with both humans and the more-than-human. Hums are utterances found in the voice of humans, machines, and non-human species, as well as sonic artefacts found within the botanical world, and planetary rotation. It is an utterance that challenges the logical isolation of the English language - it is pre-speech, subterranean, pre-linguistic, pre-enunciative and within it exists pure potential. It acts as a conduit between sound relationships that connect the human experience to sounds found outside of it. Creating a living, resonating web, this work will communicate a sonic experience of location and connectedness for participants.

We love your hums; all you need to do is record it on your phone and upload it to our web platform. The hum can be from your voice, or the voice of your fridge, dog or thunderstorm. This will then enter a collective hum that will run and stretch for 21 years. Why 21 years you might ask? Honouring The Spirit of ‘21 and an affirmative hope for the future, we are creating a real-time time-capsule full of curiosity and thick relational webs, as we head further into all sorts of changes.


Features artist Tina Stefanou

A sonic gift for our shared futures…

About So’21 An as-live-streamed public program. It is at once a memorial to the spirit of (what would have been) Cementa21, and a celebration of the irreverent, fun-loving and undiscouraged community soul of our artists and our festival IRL.

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Spirit of ’21| Segment 6
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