The Spirit of ‘21 is the ghost of what we have lost and the spirit of what remains. It is gone, still here, past away and alive, it is anxious and undaunted, it is dematerialised and undiminished.

It is our sorrow and resilience, the exuberance of fear, our ability to laugh and to play, to love and to hope, to dream and create all of which is to risk ourselves, to lose because loss marks the value of what we have. It is the spirit that spans the distances and differences that separate us.

SO21 Program

(some events require registration & start times may vary when LIVE streaming)

image by Peter Swain

Peter Swain

Welcome to Country
Fri 15 | 11:45
image by Kath Fries

Kath Fries

Walkdown in Lockdown
Fri 15 | 15:00
image by Open Mike

Open Mike

Sessions 15 & 16
Fri 15 | 15:00
image by Tina Stefanou

Tina Stefanou

The Longest Hum
Sat 16 | 16:45
image by Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown

Sat 16 | 17:20
image by Tom Buckland

Tom Buckland

Fantastic Voyage
Sat 16 | 18:00
image by Juundaal Strang-Yettica

Juundaal Strang-Yettica

Holy Spirit Sunday School with Sister GlitterNullius: Love You Miss You!
image by Shamgods


Shammwear Edition Limitée Autumn Range Launch
Sat 16 | 19:30

Live Stream
15 & 16 October 2021

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