Alan Schacher


BLACK ST.REAMER, Cementa 22. Photo Ian Hobbs
BLACK ST.REAMER, Cementa 22. Photo Ian Hobbs


Alan Schacher is an installation artist, creator of contemporary ensemble performances, and a performance artist. He trained in improvisational dance and butoh and was founder of Sydney companies Gravity Feed and Gravity Research Institute. His works address the essence of site, employing materials that perform in relation to and with the body. A core thematic is diasporic identity. He aims to provoke through juxtapositions and contradictions, examining the role the environment plays in framing human activity. Responding to the energies that give a sense of place, his work evokes imaginary histories and rituals for and of place and time. He holds an MFA from CoFA, UNSW. He lives in the Blue Mountains NSW.


Black streamers flow from the roof of Kandos Museum like the winds of time. Being black, they are anti-celebratory. The artist thinks they come from the past —matter and action swallowed in some black hole returning to haunt us in karmic retribution.


I perform and devise interactions between body, place and matter, always imagining the body within a situation and context. Questioning diasporic identity, I observe it to be a global condition that challenges notions of homeland. Materials and actions take form to extend on and extrapolate issues, one informing the other. I re-use costumes, props and materials in an arte povera tradition. Usually starting from a single idea and image that develops and grows in meaning and interrelationships. Is the artist’s body a necessary inclusion in the work? Sometimes absence is a statement. The work is completed by its location, context, and in the act of witnessing.

Materials | Nylon streamers and industrial fans
Location | Kandos Museum
BLACK ST.REAMER, Cementa 22. Photo Ian Hobbs
BLACK ST.REAMER, Cementa 22. Photo Ian Hobbs
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This project has been supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.