Aleshia Lonsdale


When researching for this project I was struck by the lack of acknowledgement of the First Nations People of New York. This work was a step into a medium I have not explored i.e street art in the forms of stencils and as a follow up paste ups. The design was a fusion of an Aboriginal Australian protest slogan – Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land and the Native American Medicine Wheel – with the colours of red, yellow and black which hold significance for both First Nations peoples. This work was an attempt to bring to peoples consciousness the presence of First Nations people in New York city and their connection to their land. - Aleshia Lonsdale

This work is part of the Cementa Initiative, ‘Correspondence of Imaginary Places’

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1. Aleshia Lonsdale, Recognise 2017. Photo Jason Lujan
1. Aleshia Lonsdale, Recognise 2017. Photo Jason Lujan