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Alex Gawronski

Harbinger | 2017

2. Alex Gawronski, Harbinger, 2017. photo Ian Hobbs
2. Alex Gawronski, Harbinger, 2017. photo Ian Hobbs


Alex Gawronski is a Sydney-based artist and writer. Recent projects include The National, three large-scale installations across the AGNSW, MCA and Carriage Works, Sydney (2017); Big Cheese, Dark MOFO, Contemporary Art Tasmania (CAT), Hobart (2016); Black Square 100 Years (1913/1915), Tcb inc. Melbourne, (2015); Logical Volume Identifier, Plimsoll Gallery, the University of Tasmania, Hobart; the Deconsumptionists, Art as Archive in Situ, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), Detroit, USA (2014); Easy Listening, West Space, Melbourne; Black Square – 100 Years (1913/1915), AEAF, Adelaide (2013). Gawronski has also been a co-founding director of a number of independent artist spaces, most recently KNULP, Sydney (2015– ) and the Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown (ICAN) (2007–15).


Much of my art assumes the guise of architectural installations. These installations – potentially incorporating at any one time construction, photography, painting, video and sound – focus on the institutional dynamics that underwrite and determine how we see and consume art. In my practice I frequently use gallery and museum spaces to construct narratives that fictionalise and question the assumptions of these spaces. This is especially the case insofar as such spaces seek to present a veneer of neutrality that aims to separate them from the socio-political contexts that, in reality, define them. Of course, such an approach may be brought to bear on any site, whether interior or exterior, private or public, urban or remote.

Materials | Stereo speakers, amplifier, sub-woofer, digital audio file
Location | CWA Carport
1. Alex Gawronski, Harbinger, 2017. photo Ian Hobbs
1. Alex Gawronski, Harbinger, 2017. photo Ian Hobbs