Cheree Edwards

Under Pressure | 2022

Under Pressure, Cementa 22 photo Ian hobbs
Under Pressure, Cementa 22 photo Ian hobbs


Cheree Edwards was born and raised in Kandos and has known the town all of her life. A weekend silversmithing course to help alleviate work stress opened Cheree’s mind to the potential joy of jewellery as a career and thus began a lifelong love of the craft. In 2011, Cheree commenced the Diploma of Jewellery & Object Design at the Design Centre Enmore (DCE). After its completion, Cheree commenced a jewellery apprenticeship, and a Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture at the DCE. These studies were finalised in 2016. Cheree has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, selected as finalist and won several jewellery prizes and currently combines working as a part time dietitian with running her own jewellery business in Kandos, NSW.

"Under Pressure" 2022

‘Under Pressure’ is an installation of multiple wearables made from precious and non precious materials that originate from the earth. Having been raised in Kandos, and working as practising jeweller, the artist feels an affinity with the industrial history of Kandos and the use of mineral resources to produce a product. Kandos produced coal and world-class cement. Cheree produces wearable art. Taking inspiration from local industrial landscapes and forms, and by playing with scale and materials in unexpected ways, the artist is attempting to make sense of how we assign value to commodities, and how those change over time.


Cheree Edwards is a regional-based designer and maker of contemporary jewellery. The hallmark of her jewellery is balancing unexpected forms and composition with fine craftsmanship and the use of precious and colourful materials. Cheree combines time honoured hand skills, with computer aided design, rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Cheree’s practice is constantly evolving and is often commission based, but her aim as a designer and maker is steadfast; to create heirlooms to be passed through generations, that represent the character and spirit of the wearer through the expression of emotion and sentimental value.

Materials | Wearable art – sterling silver, charcoal, limestone, diamonds and other gemstones
Location | Quarry Manager's House
Under Pressure, Cementa 22 photo Ian hobbs
Under Pressure, Cementa 22 photo Ian hobbs