Genevieve Murray

Future Acts
Workshop, tour and discussion

Future Acts examines the spatial politics of the travelling stock reserves (TSRs). They contain practical, environmental and cultural resources that are depended upon today as they have been for millennia. We are only now beginning to understand the origins of the TSRs and their relationship to Indigenous trade routes, aboriginal sites of occupation and their significance to biodiversity. We invite you to listen firsthand to the spatial-politics of this land from a local Indigenous perspective with Wiradjuri elders Kevin Williams and Lyn Syme over a campfire damper breakfast. Kevin will give us a tour of TSR55 showing us how to read the landscape for evidence of aboriginal occupation. Lyn will talk about negotiating Native Title and the spatial-politics of land. Lawyer Maeve Parker will introduce us to Native Title, Aboriginal Land Rights, Future Acts and how they play out in this context. This work is part of an ongoing research project commissioned by the New Landscapes Institute, and culminating in an exhibition at Wagga Wagga Gallery opening 5 May 2017.

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1. Genevieve Murray, Future Acts, 2017. photo Alex Wisser
1. Genevieve Murray, Future Acts, 2017. photo Alex Wisser