Jacqui O’Reilly

The Sound Rocks Hold | 2024

Quiet Constellation, Golden Age Cinema, Sydney, 2023.
Quiet Constellation, Golden Age Cinema, Sydney, 2023.
The Sound Rocks Hold. @ Henbury Golf Club
This interactive performance will celebrate the sound of collective cultural change. Rocks and stones gathered from the streets and nearby landscape of Kandos, repurposed as musical instruments with the audience as players, will activate a deep sonic experience. An evolving soundscape will unfold, the resonance of post industrial noise transformed into a mesmerising hush of harmonic vocal synthesis through the artist’s reimagining of place.


Jacqui O’Reilly is an artist, researcher and musician from Aotearoa New Zealand, now based in Sydney NSW on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. Jacqui is interested in the creative act as acknowledgement of what has happened in the past and what can happen in the future by attuning with the more-than-human world. Her practice led research explores relations between people, place, media and perception through the making of installation and performance works. This includes the sculpting of sound and the altering of moving image, as well as experimental methods of learning from bicultural histories and current day relations between Māori and the settler coloniser in her homeland.


I am interested in the ecology of sensory perception as a radical and reciprocal living exchange. My work asks me, ‘how do I come to my senses, for connection with others and the world around me?’ The answer is where I find my material, as a persistent echolalia in the making of visual, media and performance work. The agency of Kandos the place, and how it surrounds and sustains Cementa, is now part of my inquiry. And the ecological depth of the festival’s imagination will give me my answer through wonder and appreciation. My performance will be an offering to celebrate this exchange.

Materials | sound performance
Location | Henbury Golf Club
Return from Erasure, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, performance, 2022. Photo credit: James Farley