Kenneth Lambert

Residue, and Where there is smoke | 2022

Residue, and Where there is smoke, Cementa 22 photo Ianhobbs
Residue, and Where there is smoke, Cementa 22 photo Ianhobbs


With a professional background that encompasses museum and exhibition design, and film making, Lambert draws on a diverse range of skills to thread through his artistic practice. Lambert has regularly exhibited in solo and group shows at Artereal, Articulate project space, COMA and Galerie pompom. His work has featured in award shows in Australia and the USA. Lambert was named Grand Prix Prize Winner of the One-Self competition (2019), which resulted in his work Data Blue featured at Scope Art Fair in Miami. Lambert was a finalist in the Churchie Emerging Artist Prize, The Alice Prize, Incinerator Gallery Prize, The Fisher’s Ghost Prize, and Kilgour Art Prize. Lambert has participated in multiple artist residencies including the 2018 Newington Armory Residency, the 2019 Arteles Creative Centre residency in Finland and in 2021 Lambert will be the first artist to complete a self-directed residency for Amnesty International in Australia.

"Residue, and Where there is smoke" 2022

‘Residue’ explores the residual effects of being born into apartheid and the deep seated trauma of exposure to systemic violence. The work reflects the social and geographical displacement due to racial oppression through the mechanics of gravity as a virulent force. The artist seeks to express the alienating effect of trauma stemming from recurring exposure to various forms of racial violence and discrimination ‘Where there is smoke’ incorporates a poem of the artist’s son, ‘Burning Man’, taken from a poetry suite. It explores themes of inherited trauma, systemic cycles of violence and oppression experienced by the father who was born into institutional racism. ‘Where there is smoke’ parallels the poetry in its union and critique of father and son, manifesting the reverence and disparity between the two and evoking the more significant systemic factors that belie their relationship.


Kenneth Lambert’s experimental practice embraces disintegrated matter and the inexorable expressions that reflect the human condition.Lambert’s conceptual approach captures the contemporary zeitgeist by transposing themes found in science to illuminate current social issues and rising anxieties of our time. At the intersection of technology and the humanities, the artist’s investigations have led to works that utilise particle acceleration to relate to climate change and data translation technology to investigate digital autonomy. Lambert’s cross-disciplinary practice encompasses digital, film, expanded painting and installation.

Materials | Digital sequence, video
Location | Combamalong Studios
Residue, and Where there is smoke, Cementa 22 photo Ianhobbs
Residue, and Where there is smoke, Cementa 22 photo Ianhobbs