Leanne Pope

Lyrebird Song | 2022

Lyrebird Song, Cementa 22 photo Ian Hobbs
Lyrebird Song, Cementa 22 photo Ian Hobbs


Leanne Pope is a Wiradjuri woman with her bloodline stemming from Dubbo, NSW. She was born on Ngarigo Country and now lives on Ngunnawal Country, working Nationally and Internationally. With a love for the Australian bush, Leanne from a young age had always drawn landscape artworks and enjoyed writing. Later on in life, her journey of identifying with her First Nations culture bought life changing strength and confidence. With a belief that First Nations culture has a power to bring you to good health, she focuses on sharing her lessons of growth to all who are taking the same steps in hearing their Ancestors voices and own inner strength. Leanne’s art is diverse in mediums and often will be presented with creative writing.

"Lyrebird Song" 2022

‘Lyrebird Song’ is a story of the male lyrebird dancing for the love of his female lyrebird partner. With his feathers, he dazzles his lady and together they meet, creating life. This love story is depicted in two contemporary possum skin cloaks, male and female. Embroidery tells the story through image and stitched Aboriginal symbols.


Wiradjuri woman, Leanne Pope is the proud founder of ASPOT (, a creative organisation that creates innovative approaches to behavioural change initiatives. Leanne is passionate about Educational and Creative Cultural Services whilst being an advocate and representative for First Nations community. Leanne is always interested in taking the next step in her cultural journey or helping others meet their own dreams. Her passion paired with her unique program of developing skills have secured many leading positions in creative education titles or projects. With a passion for art and creative writing, Leanne continues to extend her products in exciting new avenues. ASPOT is the result of Leanne’s creativity and hard work which truly engages stakeholders building consensus for a common vision.

Materials | Mixed media, possum skin cloaks, video
Location | North East Wiradjuri Cultural Centre
Lyrebird Song, Cementa 22 photo Ian Hobbs
Lyrebird Song, Cementa 22 photo Ian Hobbs