Maddison Wing

May the spirits be with you | 2024

The Host, 2022, mistletoe tree, acrylic paint
The Host, 2022, mistletoe tree, acrylic paint
May the spirits be with you. @ St Dominics Grounds
May the spirits be with you is a site specific installation. The Serpent like spirit contrived on the catholic church bell tower is a call to worship Ancient Aboriginal culture. The spirit sculpture grows from the earth our mother, creator, god, goddess. The spirit wails though warped bell sounds as she experiences the deep pain and ongoing trauma. As we cut down the trees we cut off our limbs, as we poison the air we choke our lungs as we rape the country there is nothing left. We are spirit, spirit is us. We look the to most high and holiest of places for guidance forgetting We are the spirit, the land, the nature, the stories and the culture and that we must replace the energy we take from the earth with dance, song, story, music, words, love. Aboriginal Culture has proven the power of true worship and respect through the ongoing resilience and thousands of years of survival, this serpent spirit is a reminder that the spirits are always with us, we are the spirit.


Maddison Wing’s multidisciplinary practice as artist and activist examines dual histories - focusing on stories of past and present Aboriginal societies and spirit. Maddison works across a wide spectrum of cultural praxis, utilising many methods and ideologies. Current thematic interests include intergenerational stories of contemporary Aboriginal affairs - with a focus on telling women’s narratives.


My artworks are based on my culture, people and surroundings, they tell stories of past and present by using contemporary methods and ideologies. My works include political statements and educational information regarding Aboriginal issues including Aboriginal Matriarchy, a subject which I am extremely passionate about. I use different mediums for my works including drawing, printmaking, installation, public art, and large-scale murals.

Materials | steel, tree roots, rope, string, wire
Location | St Dominics Grounds