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Meagan Pelham


In 2017 Meagan performed as the Owl Bride in birdfoxmonster, a collaborative production with Erth Visual and Physical Inc. presented by Carriageworks. In 2018 she performed her Love Poem Sorceress at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (as part of Bella Plus Connect) and in 2019 she, with six other Studio A artists, produced a 175sqm mural for the University of Technology Sydney, titled Bird Life Jungle Disco. Meagan has collaborated with fashion house Romance Was Born to create collections that feature her romantic handwritten musings and artwork. In 2020 Meagan was one of seven Studio A artists commissioned by the Art Gallery of New South Wales to create Love owls and mermaids singing in the rainbow pop. The 300sqm mural was located in the Grand Entrance to the Gallery as part of their Archie Plus program.