Oriana Panozzo

IMO | 2022

Oriana Panozzo.  IMO. Photo Alex Wisser
Oriana Panozzo. IMO. Photo Alex Wisser


Oriana Panozzo has over 45 years of experience as a professional actor, and is also an acting teacher, mentor, filmmaker, director and scriptwriter. Oriana studied acting full-time at NIDA, filmmaking at University of SA, and scriptwriting with mentors like Robert McKee while living in London. With over a hundred roles in film, television, stage, commercials, and corporate training, Oriana was most active on screen during the 1980s and 90s in lead roles for Sons and Daughters and many other iconic Aussie shows. Most recently Oriana worked on Doctor Doctor and has been in several TV commercials. Moving to the Capertee Valley in 2012 after several years of managing an acting school in Parramatta with over 200 students, Oriana continues to perform when opportunities arise, while still mentoring young actors, running workshops and managing her cleaning business.

"IMO" 2022

Written for Cementa22 by Oriana Panozzo, IMO is an original performance piece exploring the explosion of vehement personal opinions online and in the public domain over the past 3 years during bushfires, COVID and floods. Who really is behind the mask and who agrees with me? Does isolation breed rabbit holes?


As a performing arts teacher and mentor, Oriana is passionate about the arts and encouraging young people to learn how to maximise their potential, develop their communication skills, find their confidence and unique voice, so they can become the person they want to be.

Materials | Live acting performance
Location | Kandos RSC Club
Oriana Panozzo.  IMO. Photo Alex Wisser
Oriana Panozzo. IMO. Photo Alex Wisser