PYT Fairfield

working title | 2019

Swimming Pool, PYT Fairfield.  image Jacquie Manning
Swimming Pool, PYT Fairfield. image Jacquie Manning


PYT Fairfield will collaborate with independent theatre director Tessa Leong to present SWIMMING POOL, a site-specific performance at Kandos Pool, as part of Cementa19.

PYT Fairfield is an award-winning theatre company in Western Sydney focused on the development and engagement of local young and emerging artists. PYT’s most recent works include PLAYLIST, presented by Sydney Opera House, TRIBUNAL, presented by Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House, Arts House and Griffin Theatre, and JUMP FIRST, ASK LATER, which toured nationally in 2019 and has been presented by Sydney Opera House, Adelaide Festival Centre and Arts Centre Melbourne. PYT has received major awards including Western Sydney’s first Helpmann and an Australian Dance Award (JUMP FIRST, ASK LATER) and FBi SMAC Award for Best Arts Program 2016 (Women of Fairfield). PYT produced PAGODA PARKOUR for the 2017 Cementa Festival.

"working title" 2019


PYT Fairfield has a reputation as a brave and transformative theatre company who make urgent work that explores the critical issues of our times. We challenge the conventions of traditional theatre and respond to the needs and aspirations of the next generation of artists, mainly young people aged 14-26, and our local community. We do this by creating innovative performance and social artistic experiences in theatre spaces and across diverse urban sites of Fairfield, Western Sydney and beyond, and with a key focus on cultural diversity. PYT is playing a leadership role as the place where Australia’s next generation of outstanding artists are nurtured, and their careers forged. Our programs have diverse entry points and opportunities for artists to research, explore and build skill levels across all levels of cultural performance practice.

PLAYLIST, 2018, image: Alex Wisser
PLAYLIST, 2018, image: Alex Wisser