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Rhonda Dee

Under Development | 2021

Godzilla Within, 2020, hand-built ceramic sculpture
Godzilla Within, 2020, hand-built ceramic sculpture


Rhonda Dee was born in the border zone of Texas/Mexico and now lives in Australia. She has worked in painting, sculpture, and installation for over 20 years, exhibiting in Australia, and overseas. Her work is featured in permanent collections including Long Island University, NY, the Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paulo Brazil, Macquarie University Art Gallery, the Australia China Arts Foundation, and private collections. Rhonda also works as an artist with disadvantaged communities.Her influences stem from non-Western cultural mythologies and story-telling traditions as well as contemporary science-fiction themes. Her hybrid figures are created with materials such as clay, collage, and paint. Her pieces are often an enquiry into what it means to be other.Rhonda obtained her B.F.A. (honours) Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, M.S.A (honours) Sydney College of the Arts, 2019 Post Grad Cert Psychotherapy.


Rhonda’s work explores the body as a site of transformation. She works in painting, sculpture, and installation using a variety of materials to expand perceptions of what it means to be human in an uncertain world. Her interest lies in the complexity of self as a layered mystery, formed and deformed by culture and environment. Rhonda’s pieces straddle the stages of a half-life, caught between one identity and another. The resulting works are emotive, gestural and investigate what it means to be visible while becoming other. Drawing from folktales, migrant stories and sci-fi themes, her figurative works speak to the human/animal/plant story as a non-linear transformational journey. Rhonda works with a variety of materials as a way of creating unexpected narratives in sculptural forms and paintings. Her process incorporates spontaneous associations and invites unexpected relationships to occur.

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Incomplete, 2009, installation
Incomplete, 2009, installation