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Rory Green

Kandos Trace Garden | 2021

Sentiment Anomaly, 2019, animated web piece
Sentiment Anomaly, 2019, animated web piece


Rory Green is a writer, editor and digital media artist with a focus on interactive and computer-generated poetry. Between 2018-2020 they were an editor for Voiceworks Online, a web publication for experimental digital writing and art by young Australians. Their work has been published in journals including Australian Poetry Anthology, Running Dog, Rabbit, Plumwood Mountain and Scum Mag, and at events including BLEED Festival and Freeplay Festival. Rory has taught digital storytelling through Express Media‘s Toolkits: Digital Storytelling 2020 program, as well as workshops for Emerging Writers Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, and the National Young Writers Festival.


Rory Green creates interactive multimedia digital poetry that playfully alchemises language, with a specific interest in multiplicity and the unexpected. By collecting and recombining diverse text sources including pop songs and literary classics, their poetry seeks to unearth and explore novel relations between words and their semantic interpretations.

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gengar, 2020, interactive web piece
gengar, 2020, interactive web piece