Sarah Breen Lovett

Installation of Carol Warner's work: A Ride in the Sky
CoIP Curator.

10 STEPS TO MOMA is an instructional work resulting in a moving image work that aims to test the notion of ‘publicness’ of a public places and our engagement with the architecture of institutions. MOMA was chosen as the place for filming for a number of reasons; firstly there are current plans for extension and renovation of the MOMA gallery, which claim to enhance the ‘public’ nature of the building; secondly the architects chosen for the renovation include Diller and Scofidio who have had an interesting past practice of using recorded footage to critique and subvert ways that we engage with the built environment; thirdly the choice of MOMA turns the lens on the institution, making it the subject of an art work, rather than the presenter or beholder of one; while finally the project also speaks to the fetishisation of the institution and the strategic steps that artists may make to try to engage or disengage such institutions.

10 Steps to Moma is part of the Cementa initiative: Correspondence of Imaginary Place

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1. Sarah Breen Lovett, 10 steps to Moma 2017 photo Kate Ruck
1. Sarah Breen Lovett, 10 steps to Moma 2017 photo Kate Ruck