Susannah Langley & Warren Armstrong

The Kandos-Rylstone Keepsakery | 2022

Whispering Midden, Denis Beaumoris, 2018
Whispering Midden, Denis Beaumoris, 2018


Susannah Langley is a visual artist whose practice encompasses experimental drawing, installation, and sound. Warren Armstrong is a new media artist and developer with a background in AR, VR, mobile device-based art and exotic data translations. They both currently live and work in Naarm/Melbourne.

"The Kandos-Rylstone Keepsakery" 2022

‘The Kandos-Rylstone Keepsakery’ is a hand-drawn virtual reality artwork that houses 3D scans of historical and treasured domestic objects from the Kandos– Rylstone area. Visitors to this artwork are invited to don a headset that allows them to walk through it, and ‘pick up’ and ‘hold’ the 3D scans. And when they do, they will hear audio recordings of the stories of the objects as told by members of the community.


Since 2013, Langley and Armstrong have collaborated on works that people can move through, listen to and touch, to summon stories and soundscapes. These works have taken the form of virtual reality experiences, mobile phone apps and installations that have been featured in exhibitions, festivals, and prizes, nationally and internationally. They also deliver creative tech-based workshops for young people in schools.

Materials | Virtual reality experience, with 360 video, 3D scanned objects and binaural field recordings
Location | Kandos Museum
The Kandos-Rylstone Keepsakery, Cemanta22 photo Ian Hobbs
The Kandos-Rylstone Keepsakery, Cemanta22 photo Ian Hobbs