Tom Isaacs

Emergency Blankets | 2022

Pietà, 2020, performance, felt, video,  Silversalt Photography
Pietà, 2020, performance, felt, video, Silversalt Photography


Tom Isaacs (b.1985, Oxford, UK) is a Sydney-based artist, working in the fields of performance and textile art. His practice draws from psychoanalytic theory, philosophy, religious and ritual practices, and art history to explore themes of mental illness, mortality, and the human condition. Isaacs is currently a PhD candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, researching the relationship between ritual, psychoanalysis and body art, and how these different streams of thought address the problem of alienation.


Tom Isaacs creates sculptures, textile works, and performance art pieces which explore ideas of depression and death, healing and resurrection. His work deals directly with the experience of living with mental illness as well as the desire for healing, including speculative ideas about a cure that could be found in spirituality, philosophy, psychoanalysis, or even in art itself. In his textile practice Isaacs draws on a family history of quilting to create fabric works which embody love, warmth, and care. Isaacs often uses felt and wool material in his textile work, referencing the work of German artist Joseph Beuys who championed the healing power of art.

Materials | Mixed media (mylar, hessian, felt, wool suit material, wool airforce blanket, thread)
Location | Combamalong Studios
Reverse Alchemy, 2020, Felt, Alex Wisser
Reverse Alchemy, 2020, Felt, Alex Wisser